USA - MTA New York Transit
Open data section of the public transport agency MTA in New York, providing different public transport data and an app center with developed applications.
USA - Chicago Transit Authority
Open data section of the Chicago Transit Authority (cta) with programming interfaces (APIs) for developers and an app center.
USA - City-Go-Round
Search engine for open transit applications in the U.S..
USA - SFpark (San Francisco)
Map application showing free parking space in San Francisco based on real-time data.
USA - Catch The Bus App (Boston)
iPhone app for showing one's current position and the arrival time of the next busses based on GPS signals.
USA - CrashStat 2.0 (New York City)
Map application showing the frequency of accidents on streets and crossroads in New York.
Great Britain - Where-Can-I-Live
Map application combining traffic and real estate data for showing ease the decision of where to live in London.
GB - Malcolm Barclay, London Tub...
iPhone app created by independent developer for the London Tube based on open traffic data.
Switzerland -
Web application showing the position and movements of suisse trains and subways in real-time.
Austria -
Community platform showing malfunctions of elevators and moving staircases in Vienna.
Germany - Öffi Android App
App for Android with public transport information like arrival times and connections for different German cities.
Worldwide - Mapnificent
Map application showing the distance which can be bridged by public transportation in a certain amount of time, working for selected cities worldwide.