USA - OpenCongress
Informational website by the Sunlight Foundation aiming to make goals, processes, decisions in the U.S. congress more transparent.
USA - Sunlight Projects
Many open government and open data projects by the U.S. american Sunlight Foundation.
Great Britain - They Work For You
Informations about debates and representatives in the British parliament.
Great Britain - Openly Local
Informations about institutions, actors and processes in British local politics.
Germany - Frag den Staat
Website helping German citizens to make freedom of information requests to get information from governmental institutions.
Germany - Frankfurt gestalten
Information and communication platform for the citizens of the German city of Frankfurt to deal with communal problems and questions developed by OKF Germany.
Germany - Offenes Köln
Geo application for the German city of Cologne informing about local politics.
Germany -
Information website about democratic participation possibilities and initiatives in Germany.
Germany -
Valuation of the online activities of German parties and politicians.
Germany -
Website allowing questioning of German representatives of the Bundestag, different state level parliaments and the EU parliament.
Europe - Its your parliament .eu
Informational website about the European parliament with an overview about how representatives and political parties vote.